2020 Vision for America

Leader: Dr. Jack Robbins


2020 VISION for America

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"Transforming America--One County at a Time

To Change the World--One Country at a Time"

In March 2009, an initial County-wide SPIRITUAL AWAKENING CONFERENCE was held at the Berryhill Baptist Church, Tulsa County, OK. In 2012 meetings were held in 57 counties in 18 states. 

These brief conferences bring churches and Christians together in a given county/area for PRAYER, PRAISE and PROCLAMATION of timely messages. They are conducted annually and transdenominationally on a no-cost basis  to the sponsoring congregation. The goal is to double these each year until EVERY COUNTY (3,141) IN ALL 50 STATES are doing them annually before 2020. Each county adopts a NATION for partnership in ministry, evangelism and church planting with the goal that EVERY NATION will eventually have churches/Christians from 12 counties in the  USA as friends and encouragers to lead that nation to Christ.

Approximately 100 conferences/rallies were held in 2012 which included 30 states. LOVEM Ministries is ready to help you start a conference in your state/county. Call us today at 918-728-0858.




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 In 2013 the focus changed to locating a point person in each county who will form a core group working to pull people together to organize a yearly joint conference focused on turning to Godly principles and practices in  that county's culture. This has to be a grass roots movement and can't be accomplished by people removed from the local situations. At least 694 counties have a point person as of June 1, 2019. Many counties have groups that are regularly meeting for prayer and fellowship in view of planning the annual meetings that are best for their community. In Winnsboro, TX a community leader said they had things going there but needed our motivation and encouragement, a role we relish!

  October 2020  
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