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Jody Kennedy International is the ministry of Jody and Trisha Kennedy who, since 2000, have given themselves to serving Christ through full-time Christian service.  Living by faith through the generous giving of church partners and individual Christians, Jody and Trisha trust in God’s provision for every need.  In partnership with churches in the U.S., Eastern Europe, and Latin America the ministry motivates and mobilizes Christians to get out of their comfort zones to take the gospel of Christ across the street and around the world.

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Jody Kennedy International
Lord, What Are You Up To Now?
April 9, 2012


Just when we think we know what we are to do for the coming years, the Lord challenges us to take a fresh look at "our plans".  Lord, what are you up to now?


Our home and car in Managua were supposed to make us more efficient and effective with our current work load.  Now we just have more work.  Lord, what are you up to now?


We are now being invited to not only bring teams for our Practically Speaking English courses, but to provide our church partners with some seminars, training, conferences and other events and resources.  Lord, what are you up to now?


Then we were visited by our dear friend and mission partner, Joe Wilson, who shares a vision with us to begin a church planting movement among the university age adults in Managua.  We plan to be an ingredient in that mission.  Lord, what are you up to now?


I can see that our expenses will be increasing, but our donations have not increased (yet).  Lord, what are you up to now?  


Lord, what are you up to now? 



He is up to the Father's business,
PSE in Siberia - Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk-Akademgorodok, Russia.  Two great Russian cities, two great weeks of Kingdom work. 

The banner in this photo advertises our Practically Speaking English course in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.  Its placement on one of the busiest thoroughfares in the city resulted in more than 800 pre-registrations for the course.  The fact that only 300 actually entered the Baptist church to complete the registration shows just how difficult it is for them to overcome their preconceptions about church and Baptist churches in particular.


Nonetheless, the results were very good.  59 prayed to receive Christ and 49 requested more information about the Christian life.

Here is what our partner, Joe Wilson, had to say, "We traveled to Krasnoyarsk first and held our very first English Course there.  This event was SUPER.  The Church we started there participated along with several other Churches.  The atmosphere was great and it was very easy to work there.  The local Believers took care of us as we stayed in their homes.

This was the first time doing the course there so we had no reputation to work from.  We had 800 pre-registered but only 300 actually came.  People were hesitant to come to us at a Baptist Church building because of old propaganda that is still active in Russian culture.  During the time of our Course these myths were cast away and now we have a great reputation in this city.  We are expecting bigger numbers next year.  The results were quite good and we expect lots of fruit from our work.  The local Churches will continue to work with these people through weekly English Clubs.  We are looking for Americans who might be willing to move to Krasnoyarsk for 1 or 2 years and teach in these English Clubs.  Its a great opportunity. Please pray about this."

After Krasnoyarsk we took the overnight train on the Trans Siberian Railway and traveled to Novosibirsk-Akademgorodok.  We have established a good reputation in that city and had more than 300 students.  Of those 49 prayed to receive Christ and 41 asked for more information about Christian living.



Advertising for the English course in Krasnoyarsk  



Our Report Thus Far

The team from Normandale Baptist Church in far western Fort Worth joined us for a great week at one of our favorite churches, Hermon Baptist Church in eastern Managua.  Pastor Armando and his church team were wonderful hosts and we saw more than 40 teenagers and adults come to the Lord.


with the arrival of a different team, we then shifted our focus to the campus of University of Managua (U de M) where we used the eight daily Practically Speaking English classes to see another 40 adults invite Jesus into their lives.  Retta Baptist Church in Burleson, Texas sent a wonderful couple to be with us during this week of special focus.  They were excellent ministry partners and they encouraged us tremendously. 


The photos from the U de M event have been published, but I am still working on the photos from the Hermon event, so be patient. 







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About Jody Kennedy International


Jody Kennedy International* is the ministry of Jody and Trisha Kennedy who have given themselves to serving Christ through full-time Christian service.  In partnership with churches in the U.S., Eastern Europe, and Latin America, the ministry motivates and mobilizes Christians to get out of their comfort zones to take the gospel of Christ across the street and around the world.

We are supported  by the generous gifts of our friends, team members, readers and partners.  Contributions are tax deductible and are used to support the ministries of Jody Kennedy International.

*Jody Kennedy International/LOVEM International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  




Iglesia Bautista Betania (Bethany Baptist Church) Cuidad Sandino, NI


Here is the text of an email I received just yesterday from one of the adult students from our most recent mission.


"Hello Jody,

I believe you are still in Nicaragua doing your wonderful job. My name is Ricardo and I was in Teds class, during the week of July 4th.


It was good listening your message. I accepted jesus during that week and that was very important to my life. I wish you have the strengh to continue doing this job for ever.



I also want to ask you to intercede before jesus on my behalf because I do not want to walk the road of the sinners. Please pray for me. I need a job, I need money to pay my bills. I know he can give a job but will I be good? will I be strong to be on the right path? that is what I want. I want to stay away from the sin.


Jody may be god blessing you for ever."