May 2019   
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LOVEM Myanmar
Leader : Daniel Thang
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LOVEM Myanmar with Daniel Thang

Daniel and Rebecca Thang have planted a church in Yangon village in Myanmar. They are expecting their second child soon. Samuel is their first.

Daniel was studying in a Buddhist school where he was led to believe that you had to be perfect to be acceptable. He believed fully in their religion until a missionary told him nobody can be perfect , which he knew from experiennce was impossible. So he accepted Jesus' perfection and knows he is now truly acceptable into heaven.

"He said that those who only repent and turned back to Christ and accepted and believe the Lord as personal savior and Lord will go to heaven life after death.I slowly came to know about the different between Buddhist faith and Christian faith and at last I knew was really different Buddhist faith and Christian faith because in Buddhist there is no assurance of faith and peace for life.On those three days,I was thinking about myself and something is lost and seems to be saved for my life and at the last day of Campaign."  Daniel was baptized Mar 2 1997.

Daniel met Rebeccca in the Asian Bible College,  where he received his degree and went to work building a new church.