May 2019   
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Rebuild Ministries
Leader: Sue Meyers

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Rebuild Ministries is a response to needs felt in the tornadoe stricken areas of Oklahoma in 2013. Sue Meyers found herself being called on to do man-sized jobs and realized she was capable and experienced to handle some big jobs having to do with getting to people, especially in smaller towns who were overlooked by bigger relief efforts.

She knows how to gather supplies, use machinery and organize to completely replace housing and out structures, fences and barns. The work this year has focused on the small community of Carney, OK. Several homes have been rebuilt and refurbished. Sue and her laborers are as interested in touching the spiritual and emotional damage the victims suffer as the structural destruction sustained. 

Rebuild Ministries makes itself available to help in whatever disaster arises, fires, floods, etc. 

Sue has years of military service behind her and excellent organizational abilities to get the job done.